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Restoration of 2 BING carburetors € 279,- (incl. VAT) from 1.1.2019. This consists of:

Extremely dirty (oily, greasy) carburetors need to be cleaned extra; This is an additional effort and requires one more cleaning in the ultrasonic bath. We have to ask for another € 15,- for this additional effort. If your carburetors are extremely dirty, but you clean them before sending them (e.g., using gasoline on the surface), you of course don't have to pay this additional effort.

We always deal with orders as fast as possible. Nevertheless, there are response times of up to 3 weeks when we restore carburetors. For customers who need their carburetors back very fast, we offer a Next-Day-Service, where we restore the carburetors the day after we receive them. It is in the nature of things that we can accept one or two such orders per day only and have to ask for additional 65,- € for the restoration of the carburetors.

Not included are: repairing threads, membranes, springs, nozzles and other expendable parts. These will only be replaced if necessary. Any replaced parts will be included with the return.

Information: due to increases in prices on the side of our suppliers, we were forced to adapt our prices as of 1.1.2019 Restoration of BING Carburetors as used from the /5 series on is now 279 € per pair, restoration of sliding carburetors 199 € per pair.

Repairing threads at the carburetors € 20,- / thread (VAT) This includes boring up, cutting threads and inserting Helicoil inserts

New: connection port for the service gauge € 25,- / carburetor

Please include the fully filled-in form "Reparaturauftrag" Reparaturauftrag pdf  Reparaturauftrag xls upon shipping!
You can download software for displaying / printing pdf-documents here; a similar program for excel-documents can be retrieved here.