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We do not work on carburetors that are used in flying vessels of any kind (paragliders, kites, planes etc.).

Causes for carburetor issues

Pictures 1 and 2 are before and after restoration shots of a BMW / BING carburetor which is 20 to 30 years old.

back of a dirty carburetor back of a clean carburetor
Picture 1: Carburetor before... Picture 2: ...and after restoration

If these carburetors are not used for some time, condensation forms, which in turn evaporates leaving lime-scale deposits. These deposits and other debris can not be removed by purging with pressurized air alone. The same is true for the seal on the gas tank which breaks down over the course of time; this debris is not filtered out by the gas filters, and will finally settle in the carburetor.

Experience shows that the following are the causes for carburetor restoration: crud causes 50%, broken gaskets, nozzles etc 30%, and worn out materials 20%.